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Accreditations and Team Growth for Conveyancing Team

A conveyancing expert with more than 25 years of experience has joined Eatons Solicitors who are celebrating a renewed Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accreditation.


Long Serving Staff Celebrate at Ilkley Office

Eatons Solicitors are celebrating three long-standing members of the team, who have contributed a combined service of 94 years!


Why You Should Use a Conveyancing Solicitor

A Conveyancing Solicitor plays an important role in the transaction of any property; their main job is to protect the interests of their clients throughout each process.


Don't Have a Will? Here's Why You Need One

Having a Will in place is something many of us have thought about, but done very little about - we're either unsure how to or simply feel we don't have enough assets to put into place.


Family Parenting Plan

Parents whose relationship has broken down are encouraged to keep a civil relationship, not only for the wellbeing of the children but also for the future of your family.


3 Questions to Ask before Divorce Proceedings Begin

When a problem arises within a marriage and divorce is the only resolution, the prospects of beginning divorce proceedings can often seem extremely complicated and fraught with legal jargon.


Conveyancing A-Z: 10 Steps to Buying a House

The reality is, whether buying your first home or remortgaging your third, conveyancing, as it's called in the business, is a complex, long, and often frustrating process.


Announcement - Head of Civil Litigation to Partner

Law firm, Eatons Solicitors, have announced the promotion of Steven Gilbey to Partner effective from 1st June 2018.


Understanding The Basics Of Employment Law

Whether big or small, just starting out or expanding, employment law is a complicated area that can trip anyone up if they're not careful.


Healthcare professionals

Are you a Doctor, Nurse or Healthcare Professional struggling with a disciplinary hearing or accusations being made against you in your professional capacity? If so, Eatons can help...