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Commercial Property Solicitors

Help From our Commercial Property Specialists

Here at Eatons Solicitors we have a wide range of experience in acting for clients in developing and managing commercial properties in West Yorkshire. We act for clients in the sale and purchase of commercial land and property, sale and purchase of small to medium sized owner-managed businesses.

You need advice you can rely on when negotiating a purchase, sale, lease or lease renewal, and for that, you need Eatons - a local team of commercial property Solicitors Based in Bradford, Yeadon and Bingley.

When you have to get it right the first time, get commercial property management support from Eatons Solicitors.

Understanding Commercial Property

Eatons’ Commercial Property specialists provide efficient solutions and advice for the following areas of property law:

  • Conveyancing for Sales and Purchases. All conveyancing matters are dealt with professionally and proactively, supporting our client throughout every step of the transaction.
  • Leases and Lease Extensions: from drafting and advising on implications on a proposed lease, to lease extensions, our property team can help reduce the stress encountered with leases.

Commercial Property Solicitors

Our Commercial Property Services

Our Commercial Property Services at Eatons can assist you with:

  • Contracts for the Sale and Purchase of a Commercial Property
  • Commercial Property Portfolio Management
  • Drafting of Leases and Lease Management
  • Lease Renewals and Terminations
  • Commercial Developments and Construction Matters - including pre-emption and options, land promotion agreements and section 106 agreements.
  • Planning Issues
  • Landlord and Tenant Services - including break notices and rent deposit deeds
  • Licensing - including variations to existing licences, applications for new premise licences and also the transfer of licences

With offices in Bradford, Yeadon and Bingley, Eatons can accommodate projects throughout the Yorkshire area.

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Commercial Property Solicitors in Bradford, Bingley & Yeadon

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Understanding commercial property management can be difficult, which is why our Eatons team is here to help. Contact Us online or call 0800 998 1155 to put your trust in our experienced commercial property lawyers. Other legal property services we offer include conveyancing and residential properties.

Some of our FAQ's

Click below to see some of our FAQs, providing the answers to help you understand our services better. Still can't find what you're looking for? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Contracts for Sale and Purchasing of Commercial Property

Buying a commercial property can be a daunting experience for a business and its Directors. As in any contract, there are many legal provisions that need to be included but these must firstly be fully understood before the company signs anything and therefore reliable legal advice is a must.

Eaton's commercial property lawyers are specialists in this area and are able to help.

Commercial Property Portfolio Management

Eatons are able to provide advice on all aspects of the management of your commercial property portfolio. We can assist you with all tenancy agreements including dealing with the commencement / termination of a tenancy, any dilapidation claims, renewals of leases, licences to assign and variations to a lease. Our commercial dispute lawyers can also assist with all tenancy disputes.

By involving Eatons in the management of your portfolio, you can rest assured that all legal matters have been attended to and that you have done all you can to avoid any costly and time consuming disputes further down the line.

Drafting of Leases, Lease Amendments, Lease Renewals and Terminations

A commercial lease is a complicated and very detailed document that sets out the legal agreement between the tenant and the landlord. It should contain all of the responsibilities and obligations of each party including provisions for rent, termination, property up keep etc. These obligations can vary and are usually very individual to each property and landlord. For this reason, we would always advise that a lease is drafted or amended so that it is tailored to suit both the landlords and tenant each time.

Commercial Developments and Construction Matters

Our commercial property lawyers can advise on all commercial development and construction matters including pre-emption and options, land promotion agreements and section 106 agreements. We are able to act for you on any commercial development and construction matter including housing estates, flats, care homes and office/retail units.

We can provide advice on the formalities of the transaction, the contract, any warranties and any liabilities.

Often these types of matters involve a number of professionals acting for the building or development and as such, Eatons are able to work hand-in-hand with any other professional of your choosing.

Landlord and Tenant Services

Eatons act for both landlords and tenants on a range of transactions including break notices and rent deposit deeds. Our team of commercial property lawyers can provide advice on the rents, the terms of the lease and any ancillary documentation required under the heads of terms. We can also advise on rights, obligations and liabilities.

Eatons also offer a service of writing and preparing a standard pack of leasehold information which addresses all standard commercial property enquiries to save the landlord cost for having to prepare this every time a flat/unit changes tenants.

Commercial Property Planning

If planning applications are obstructing your commercial property, we can provide advice on how to deal with this matter.

Licensing for Commercial Properties

Eatons can assist you if you require a licence or need advice on the requirements for a licence.

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