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Mergers, MBOs & Acquisitions


Mergers are undertaken for a variety of reasons, the main one being to increase the company’s long term profitability and maximise shareholder value. Mergers may also have other benefits to those involved including cutting costs, a reduction in tax, economies of scale and gaining a greater share of the firm’s overall market.

A merger can be consensual, therefore agreed by all parties. If the transaction is not consensual, it is regarded as hostile, which in other words is an acquisition.

Mergers, MBOs & Acquisitions

Management Buy Out (MBO)

A Management Buy Out (MBO) is very similar to the acquisition of a company by other means. The difference lies in that the purchasers of the company are the managers of that company.

At Eatons we can advise on how best to undertake a Buy Out of your own company or indeed sell if you are the current owner. We will advise you on all the processes and procedures involved.

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