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Conveyancing for Buyers

Why Choose Eatons Conveyancers

Buying a house can be stressful. But choosing the right conveyancer means relying on a dedicated professional who will answer any questions can make it a lot easier.

To secure the house of your dream and make the conveyancing process as hassle-free as possible, fill in our Conveyancing Purchase form for buyers, and our team of Conveyancers will be in touch with you soon.

Conveyancing for Buyers

Stages of Conveyancing Process for Buyers

The conveyancing process starts when your offer on a house is accepted and finishes when you have completed the purchase and received the keys. Eatons conveyancers will be with you to handle the legal side of property transactions and give legal advice.

These are the stages of the conveyancing process for buyers:

1. Instructing Your Conveyancer

Once you've made an offer on your dream home and it's been accepted, the first step is to instruct a conveyancer to start work on the legal side of your purchase.

With our Purchase enquiry form, you can receive a fully transparent outline of our costs and processes. Your dedicated conveyancer will ensure you are always up to date on every step of your purchase, to ensure your new home ownership is transferred safely to you.

Once instructed, your conveyancer will undertake all relevant ID, Anti-Money Laundering and source of funds checks, and source of wealth. Your conveyancer will liaise with the seller’s conveyancer and review the draft contract.

2. Property Searches

Your conveyancer will conduct essential searches to ensure there are no hidden surprises. These searches cover everything from local authority checks to environmental concerns, giving you a comprehensive view of the property's status.

Conveyancing for Buyers

Stages of Conveyancing Process for Buyers

3. Reviewing the Contract

Your conveyancer will examine the draft contract and supporting documents and raise enquiries with the seller’s conveyancer if needed. You will be expected to go through the paperwork and forms the seller has completed and address any queries or concerns with your conveyancer.

In particular, there are some common pitfalls you might face when buying a house, and your Eatons conveyancer will help you navigate any obstacle or doubt.

4. Exchange of Contracts

Once you and your conveyancer are happy with the property report, you can apply for a mortgage, if you haven't already. At this stage, you can ask the lender’s surveyor to carry out a Home Buyers’ Survey.

Once all queries are resolved, you'll sign the contract and pay a deposit. At this point, the contracts are exchanged and both parties are legally bound to the transaction.

5. Congratulations, it’s time to get your keys!

The final step is the completion, where the remaining balance is transferred, and you officially become the proud owner of your new home. Your conveyancer will handle all the paperwork, leaving you free to celebrate this exciting milestone.

Selling a Property?

Are you selling your house? Or maybe selling and buying a new property? Whatever your big project is, it is important to get it right.

You can complete our Conveyancing Sale form for sellers, or our Sale & Purchase form, to request the professional advice of one of our Conveyancer.