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In this age of the internet when so much information is at our fingertips, it’s often the first place that we turn to, whether we want to learn how to fix a dripping tap or diagnose some ache or pain. The same is true when we come up to some legal question or another. For example, if we have received a parking ticket that we think is unfair or want our neighbours to cut down an overgrown bush, our search for a solution often starts with Google.

But just as carrying out plumbing tasks professionally and identifying and treating medical conditions needs a certain level of expertise, exactly the same is true of being able to interpret and use the law.

There are a number of reasons for this and once we’ve explained them, we hope that you’ll see exactly why having a solicitor like Eatons on your side is going to be a good idea

The law is complex

It sounds obvious, but it’s true. The law, in general, is a complex area which uses sometimes arcane language and is always quite hard for the lay person to understand without having some kind of explanation.

Solicitors will have spent many years studying the law and even more years practising it so they will be able to understand and interpret it far more easily that the lay person. In an area where accuracy, and even the use of precise language, is crucial there really is no substitute for having a professional by your side.

They have experience

Often in situations where you feel you might need some outside professional help it will be because it’s the very first occasion that you’ve been in that position. But for solicitors it’s all part of their day to day work. So even if they don’t have experience of a situation exactly like yours, they will certainly have dealt with something similar in the past. They will also know where to look for legal precedents – similar cases from the past that have helped to form the law as it stands today.

They can give objective advice

Many of the situations in which we find ourselves needing legal advice are ones in which we may be emotionally involved. This might be a dispute with a neighbour as mentioned before, the process of getting divorced and even the purchase of a new home.

It can sometimes be hard to distance yourself objectively when you’re so closely involved but the neutral opinion of the solicitor can often be invaluable. They may be able to see things rather differently and be able of offer solutions that may be quicker, easier and less expensive to achieve. In some cases, they may even suggest that there are different routes to pursue than on the legal on.

On the other hand, a good solicitor can also give reasoned encouragement to carry on even when you’re feeling like something simply isn’t worth pursuing, and you can also be sure that they will do all they can to achieve the most positive outcome that may be possible to achieve.

There are a huge range of services that they provide

While the examples given so far have mainly dealt with disagreements or situations of conflict, there is also a wide range of services that solicitors can provide that will make your life easier. For example, they provide a will-writing service so you can be sure your wishes will be carried out when you die and will hold important documents on your behalf. If you own property to let, they can also help to draw up tenancy agreements. Or if you have questions about the law surrounding Inheritance Tax, they can answer these too.

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At Eatons, we have experience in all of these areas and more. We also have specialists in each particular field of the law, as well as many, trusted contacts should other skills and knowledge be needed.

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