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While divorce itself is a simple process, finding the right Lawyer to meet your requirements can be daunting and time-consuming.

With so many different firms to pick from, selecting the right family lawyer is essential for an easy and amicable divorce. At Eatons, we understand that choosing the right lawyer is crucial - but what does a good family lawyer actually look like?

What Makes a Good Divorce Lawyer?

Finding a high-quality Lawyer is one of the most important choices you can make during a divorce. Seek out a firm that is trustworthy and happy to communicate clearly with you.

An experienced Lawyer should be able to remove any complications by explaining the process to you whilst ensuring that you are fully aware of the options available to you. By listening to your side of the story and considering your needs and requirements, your Lawyer should be committed to reaching a civilised settlement for both parties.

Eatons Top Tips for Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

  1. Experience
  2. Family law is an intricate and sensitive legal field, and it is essential to find a Lawyer who has experience working with all kinds of divorce proceedings. Learning about their background can help to build a trustworthy relationship between you and your Lawyer. Going through a divorce can be a very stressful and emotional time. Finding trust in your Lawyer will offer peace of mind.

    If you have high-value assets or more complex responsibilities such as arranging childcare, you will need a Lawyer who can understand and empathise with these requirements. At Eatons, our West Yorkshire family law team have all the expertise needed to help you practically and sensitively.

  3. Quality Communication
  4. A good divorce solicitor should be able to communicate and listen effectively. This ensures they understand your feelings and point of view while offering valuable advice throughout the divorce process.

    Often, the terminology used in family law can seem like a minefield. However, our team at Eatons take the time to explain everything clearly, without the use of unnecessary jargon. We want you to feel understood and comfortable.

  5. Locality
  6. Finding a family law firm close to home can come with many benefits. From increased communication to flexibility, local law firms are much more likely to treat you as a priority. With a smaller client base, local firms can offer you a more personalised service.

    At Eatons, we are proud to be a Yorkshire-based law firm with offices spreading across West Yorkshire. Offering first-class legal guidance, we help families deal with divorce cases in a manner that is tailored to you and your situation.

Find The Best Divorce Lawyer in Yorkshire at Eatons Family Lawyers

Choosing the right family Lawyer can be a daunting process and with so many different firms available, it can sometimes feel like you don't know which way to turn.

Our team of experienced solicitors are always happy to help. We offer a free initial half-hour appointment at a time and location convenient to you, to discuss your requirements, providing support and valuable advice. This can be via video, telephone or face to face. To find out more, call us to book an appointment today.