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When dealing with divorce and separation, the financial side of the process can be extremely daunting. It is therefore important for both parties to have a clear and full picture of their respective financial situations before deciding on how to share money and assets.

However, regardless of how people decide to deal with their divorce, there are mandatory and additional fees which need to be paid.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

When applying for a divorce, the court-filling cost of £592 is mandatory, unless you are eligible for help through the Free Exemption scheme.

However, this fee is non-refundable after you are sent the notice that your divorce has been issued.

Divorce Solicitors Fees

The cost of divorce solicitors’ fees varies, depending on factors such as the complexity of the financial affairs and the involvement of children.

The factors which dictate the cost of a divorce include whether parties have come to an agreement. If both parties agree on major issues such as child maintenance, custody of children and splitting financial assets, this helps keep the cost of a divorce to a minimum.

However, if this is not the case, additional legal costs will be incurred.

Get Help with Paying Divorce Fees

The average price of a divorce costs £14,561 in legal fees and lifestyle costs.

However, this price is significantly higher when property is involved. This figure is also influenced by whether or not the divorce is contested.

However, financial help is available for those who are in a compromised financial situation. For example, you may be eligible for financial support if you are receiving benefits or on a low income.

This can be applied for online or through a paper form. Depending on the final decision made about eligibility for financial help, the claimant may be asked to pay a portion, or the full sum of their fees.

Financial Support Online

A reference number is issued when applying for financial help with divorce fees online.

This number can be used when applying for a divorce to help avoid paying fees upfront.

Financial Support by Post

To apply for a divorce by post, applicants need to fill in a divorce application form D8 to begin the process.

If divorce fees cannot be paid by the claimant upfront, it is better to include a Court Protection Fees form with the divorce application.

Get Help with Your Divorce

Depending on how complicated a couple’s financial and familial situations are, the cost of a divorce can be uncertain and often costly.

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