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Anyone who has experience of running their own business knows what a challenging experience it can be, and hopefully a rewarding one too.

But many of the challenges that you face can be made a little easier if you surround yourself with the relevant experts who have experience in areas that, as a business owner, you wouldn’t be expected to have yourself.

For example, having a good accountant is vital to ensure that you’re complying with all financial regulations and running the business in the most tax-efficient way. Equally important, if not even more so, is being able to call on the services of a solicitor to assist and advise on a wide range of business-related matters. Here are just a few ways that the practical help that you will receive can be invaluable.

Setting up a company

There’s a great deal to consider when setting up a business from what kind of company structure would be best – examples include partnerships, limited companies and even sole trader – and a solicitor will ensure that yours is set up in the right way. It’s also likely that premises are going to be needed with all the legal requirements that this will involve.

Creating client contracts and agreements

It’s generally a good idea to have written contracts with clients. These set out, in a legal framework, the commitments that you have to each other and creates a more open and transparent working relationship.

Employment law

For businesses with employees, there are many legal obligations that need to be followed by both parties. This begins with providing all employees with proper contracts of employment and also covers many other areas such as having paternity and maternity leave policies and being an equal opportunities employer.

Policies and procedures

Company legislation also means that you need to have written policies and procedures in place. This is especially important if you are involved in tendering processes as often it is a pre-requirement to be able to demonstrate these as part of an initial application. A solicitor will be able to properly advise on whether your policies meet the standards generally needed.

Health and safety

Without having the right H&S procedures in place it may put a business in danger of prosecution and, more importantly, it can put you and your employees at risk. So, staying on top of all the latest rules and regulations is essential, especially as these are frequently added and changed.

Intellectual property rights

For many service industries, some of their most important assets are intangible as they come in the form of so-called intellectual property. So, it’s vital that you protect these through licencing, copyright and other measures. It’s a complex area and one which needs the expert advice that only an experienced solicitor can give.

Dispute resolution

Last, but by no means least, is the invaluable assistance that having the right legal advice can provide in the event of a dispute arising with a client or an employee. By offering a neutral perspective on any situation, a solicitor can give you a good idea about where you stand and what the best way forward may be.

These are just a few of the ways in which a solicitor like Eatons can help you as a business owner and we’d be happy to give you a full overview of our services. We can offer expert advice in many fields and pride ourselves on getting to know each of our clients, and their businesses, individually.

So, if you feel like we could be of benefit to your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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