Health and Safety must be considered at all times.

Eatons offer a wide range of Health and Safety related services to help you manage these important areas of your business through our specialist department.

It is the case that all employers with five or more employees must have written policies, procedures, arrangements and risk assessments in place to address Health and Safety in the workplace. These often form an integral part of a Risk Management Strategy. Legal Statutes place legal obligations on employers to assess such matters as General Risks, Manual Handling, Fire, Noise, COSHH, Work at Height, Display Screens. It also requires them to put in place Safe Systems of Work and are appropriately instructed and informed.

It is a criminal offence for a company not to comply with the above, which could result in action against employees, managers and directors. If your organisation does not have appropriate safety policies, has not carried out risk assessments or has not informed and trained your workforce, then insufficient attention will have been given to the management of Health and Safety. This puts employees at risk of being harmed. In turn, the managers and organisation are then at risk of increased employers' liability premiums or health and safety prosecutions.

Sentient is Eatons specialist HR and Health & Safety consultancy.
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"I'd read articles in the paper where people had made claims for accidents and they'd finished up having to take out a loan. Anyway, when I came out of hospital, I did ring Eatons about this 'No Win, No Fee' - they assured me that it definitely meant what it said, so I was happy to go ahead. Everybody's been very polite, and I would recommend Eatons to anybody."

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