"Have I got a case? Have they?"

Sometimes commercial disputes are unavoidable and they can result in the destruction of a business and relationships.

Once involved in a dispute it can be impossible to take an objective view and that is where Eatons can assist. Eatons can give you an accurate assessment of your position and your rights. With the help of Eatons team who specialise in the field of dispute resolution, conflicts can be managed and resolved. Whilst an early resolution without going to Court is always preferable, we will not hesitate to pursue a case through the Courts when required.

Whatever field the business is involved in, from industry or insurance to media or property, it is advisable to get advice from us before your position becomes untenable and commercial relationships break down.

One way of resolving disputes is through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as mediation which is where a neutral third party is appointed to assist the parties involved. The mediators will seek details of the dispute, including any evidence and will ask both parties to sign a mediation agreement giving a framework for the settlement. Not only is this process legally binding but it is confidential, consensual, quick, relatively cheap, and more importantly helps preserve relationships.

The law is there to protect you, and so are we.


"Very customer focussed. Nothing is too much trouble, and as soon as we tell them about a problem they jump on it... they will resolve it face to face if necessary, get in their car and go out of their way. They're more like a normal business than a firm of solicitors... carer type people, professional... you can rely on them."

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