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Buying or selling your home is a big step. Your home is a major asset, so moving may seem stressful, time consuming and expensive. However, most importantly, it is an extremely exciting time, marking the beginning of a new life chapter.

Eaton's expert conveyance solicitors can help guide you through the buying or selling process. We have helped thousands of people move house, and ensure you complete your transaction quickly and efficiently.

If you are buying your first property or are a property investor, and need advice on sharing ownership or buying a property at auction, Eaton's Conveyancing solicitors will be able to provide you with the assistance you need.

Eaton's trusted case management system is able to tell you the exact stage of your property sale or purchase at any time, and are here to answer any other queries you have along the way.

Whether you are buying or selling a property, releasing the equity in your home, or wanting to extend a lease, here at Eaton's, we take pride and pleasure in providing you with full advice and guidance surrounding your property transaction process.

  • Sale

    When we deal with the sale of your property, our priority is to ensure that the buyers and their solicitors have all the information and co-operation they need to complete the transaction, and that you receive the money from the sale as smoothly, and swiftly as possible. This is of paramount importance when you are selling a house to enable you to buy another one. There are essentially two stages in the work to complete the sale transaction, leading up to exchange of contracts and leading up to completion.

    Once the property has been sold, we will send a contract and copies of the title to the property to whoever acts for the buyer. We will guide you through the process of completing property information forms and a fixture, fittings and contents form to confirm what you wish to be included in the sale price.

    The buyer's representative may raise specific questions for the seller to answer, and we will be more than happy to assist you in answering any areas you are unsure of.

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  • Purchase

    Buying a property is not like buying any other asset; it is a large investment so it is important to get it right. Many people such as previous owners, neighbours, local authorities and financial institutions can have rights over it. Our job is to make sure that you become the true owner.

    We study the title deeds, ask questions, and make sure that your investment is safe. There are essentially three different stages in the work that we go through to make you a homeowner:

    • Leading up to exchange of contracts
    • Preparing for completion after contracts have been exchanged.
    • After completion, registering you as the new owner.

    Once you have chosen your desired property, our specialist conveyance solicitors will conduct searches against the property, providing you with accurate information about it and the surrounding area. We will also check the title to the property to make sure if you wish to re-sell in the future, you have a good and marketable title.

    If you are funding the purchase with a mortgage, we will advise you about the terms and conditions of the mortgage offer received. On the other hand, if you are purchasing your home without a mortgage, you will need to make sure those funds are available in time for the property purchase to proceed.

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  • Remortgage

    Our expert solicitors can guide you through the process of remortgage. Firstly, we can put you in contact with impartial mortgage advisers so that you can discuss the current remortgage deals. Once you are set on the appropriate mortgage for you, ask the mortgage advisor to arrange the mortgage and you will receive an ‘offer in principle'. This is where we step in.

    You will then be asked for your existing mortgage or loan account details, which you will send across, to which we will then ask your lender for the title deeds of your property and a redemption statement for your current mortgage.

    A valuation of your home will need to be carried out by your new lender, before making a formal remortgage or loan offer. This will be sent to Eaton's and your instructed solicitor will talk you through the lenders requirements.

    We will then advise you if you have satisfied the lenders requirements, and then it is left for you to naturally decide if you are satisfied with the details before signing the official documents. We will then register your remortgage with the Land Registry, and send you copies of the mortgage documentation for your personal filing.

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  • Transfer Equity

    We appreciate that you may wish to enjoy a more comfortable retirement by releasing equity from your home. The equity release turns the equity you have in your property into disposable cash. By having an equity release, it may allow you to make those home improvements you have always wanted, or perhaps you want to help your children more financially. Whatever the reason may be, we have the necessary experience to conduct the legalities involved to make it happen.

    The available ‘equity' amount is calculated by subtracting the remaining mortgage from the value of your property. The final released lump sum from the value of your property has no tax reductions, and you still remain 100% ownership of the property. Eatons will provide you with expert legal advice on the options available to you, guiding you every step of the way.

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  • Lease Extension

    Many properties are built and sold on a leasehold basis, most commonly the case with flats. The difference between a leasehold basis opposed to freehold or commonhold, is that you are buying the rights to live in a property for a set agreed time. Many their release sooner than later as the cost of extending the lease becomes disproportionally bigger as the lease becomes shorter.

    Generally, the right to ask for a lease extension starts when you have occupied and owned the property for two years. If you are purchasing a leasehold property, we can advise you on the costs of extension to make sure that you make the right investment. The remaining lease term will be set by the minimum length requirements of the mortgage lender, and this will need to be met before they will willingly lend money on a property.

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